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Opinion 608 NYS Bar: client must pay their bill or lose privileges


  • We can help you with complex issues that may arise in the process of collecting or enforcing an obligation
  • We collect unpaid commercial claims on a contingency basis
  • We advise you not to wait until matters get too old or too sour
  • We do not offer free skip tracing services to locate assets and will not take any action without your written approval
  • We will send you written recommendation on any and all actions to be taken to effect collection
  • No authorization to spend your money will ever take place without your tacit approval prior to any such action
  • Counter claims not included in the event your claim requires legal action
  • A counter claim is a separate action apart from your suit to recover unpaid receivables
  • Refunds and CreditResolution’s Policies
  • Once commercial claims are submitted for immediate collection action we move against the obligors immediately
  • Therefore we urge you to be careful when submitting paper for collection
  • Make sure the full amount you claim is really due and owing because we are not in the bookkeeping business
  • In rare cases we may allow a deduction for claims submitted in error for high volume clients
  • Our agreed upon and posted rates will never be modified except in writing
  • Once a commercial claim goes legal there is absolutely no way to stop the action as it is processed by the courts
  • Counter claims are not free to defend and they are in no way related to any legal and other fees you advance
  • We do not offer any free look or similar recall of the paper
  • For Clients Forwarding Commercial Collection Claims and/or a Judgment Matter:
    • Client knows agrees and understands that the assignment or forwarding of any matter prior to or already in judgment stage for collection is limited to collection efforts and legal action (when necessary and authorized only for that matter) or enforcement of the judgment in question
    • Client further understands that such action does not cover the cost or legal preparation for a defense of a counter claim against the client by the other side
  • Costs and fees due for any other counter claim action to defend a counter suit or legal action and costs as well as fees in the event the integrity of any judgment is compromised by the courts

  • IN JUDGMENT MATTERS ONLY: This agreement does not include and specifically disclaims any obligation on the part of the assignee or its agents or attorneys to represent the plaintiff or judgment creditor in the original lawsuit or in any action to protect the integrity of any judgment or to bring any affirmation in opposition to any order to show cause that may be brought to vacate any of the judgments assigned

  • FOR ALL COLLECTION MATTERS: Client knows and understands that as of the date of placement of any commercial claim notice of any monies paid directly to the Client by any debtor represented must be immediately forwarded to Real Time, LLC T/A www.creditresolution.com and be subject to the percentage agreed upon as if these funds were paid to Real Time, LLC T/A www.creditresolution.com directly.

REMITTANCES TO YOU ON COLLECTED FUNDS Unlike most commercial collection agencies, which wait up to 30 days to remit collection proceeds, all funds collected by Real Time’s Credit Resolution are remitted to our clients by electronic means immediately upon clearance of any payment deposited to the accounts of Real Time, LLC T/A www.creditresolution.com