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Serving major NY law firms, banks and businesses large and small since 1986. Credit Resolution, the Guerrilla Collection Agency™ - Our Guerrilla Collectors™ Get You Paid.
  • 1Commercial collection agency balances large and small
  • 2Asset discovery for judgment collection get paid
  • 3Skip tracing to locate wayward debtors
  • 4Accounts receivable debt recovery
  • 6Sue? A paper judgment is worthless unless collected
  • 7Creditors rarely get paid after winning a court judgment
  • 8Credit Resolution uses the counselor collector method
  • 9Legal action is a last resort
  • 10We are not lawyer referral agents
  • 11No collection -- no fee
  • 12Judgement or judgment we get you paid...
  • 13Established 1986
Judgment Collection and Commercial Debt Collection Agency

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Richard Ackermann founded Credit Resolution in 1986 as a boutique commercial debt collection and judgment recovery agency... and later, along with the late Milton Gelman created our own niche, a law firm bill collection specialty and developed a cottage industry recovering unpaid billings using creative methods to cause debtors to pay their law firm, and other commercial  bills and receivables. We are the doctors' doctor...

Since the early 1990s Credit Resolution collects unpaid delinquent billings for major law firms in the United States and abroad. Credit Resolution resolves disputes between businesses, banks, law firms and their sophisticated clientele using creative solutions after evaluating the 'real' reason for non-payment of the obligation. Credit Resolution Collections LLC increases revenue while reducing Billing Days Outstanding (DSO), and minimizing bad debt write-offs. What differentiates us from the rest of the commercial collection agency field is we investigate your claim, or judgment to locate bank accounts and assets. We also locate a place of employment to garnishee the salary of the debtor.  Richard Ackermann is known to be the guerrilla collector who will not give up until the debt is paid or the debtor declares bankruptcy. CRC believes we need to restore honor to American business. We help resolve credit and accounts receivable collections issues to protect creditor rights. Credit Resolution specializes in Commercial and Retail Debt and Judgment collection... we want to be your debt collection agency. Call (718) 355-9095 today for your free consultation.

Out of court settlement...

Credit Resolution adds the highest level of effectiveness and sophistication to the process of commercial debt collection.

We collect delinquent receivables by negotiating and settling claims to the benefit of all parties, while keeping matters out of the court system. Lawyers do not know how to get you paid because once you have a judgment their options are to garnishee the defendant's business accounts.

Most of the time, when you take this type of aggressive action, the debtor will simply declare bankruptcy -- when the amount they owe is substantial enough -- and then you have to return every cent collected on your garnishment as well as any other funds paid to the plaintiff up to and including 90 days prior to the date of the bankruptcy.

Collection of law firm billings, and large balance contractual obligations requires a level of sophistication and due diligence not customarily available at a typical collection agency's offices.

Telephone company, mom and pop stores, and utilities' bill collectors cannot handle the complexities inherent in the collection and recovery of large balances and law firm billings.

Credit Resolution's consulting approach is what makes a difference, while we have many ways of inducing the debtor to pay our results are primarily based on simply establishing a relationship with them and uncovering their reasons or rationale for not paying.

We peel the layers of resistance as one would peel an onion until we communicate the advantage of paying over the disruption that will take place in the debtor's business if our calls and communications are ignored.

Judgment Collection Agency Commercial Debt Collection Agency
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Judgment Collection and Recovery

Features and Benefits - What We Do

When you persevere (win) in civil court, the result is typically a money judgment. JUDGMENTS are won by litigating or by inquest or default (when the other side fails to answer the summons and does not show up in court.   One is by inquest, which results after a hearing with the judge's law clerk or the judge. However all judgments are 'so ordered' by the court -- spelled judgement in the UK and Australia. This results in you obtaining a judgment by default - this is a weaker form of judgment and easier to knock out with an Order to Show Cause filed by the defendant. The court grants the plaintiff a judgment by default - after the inquest hearing - when the other side fails to show up. Sometimes they fail to answer the original summons and complaint, or other legal document summoning the defendant to appear in court to answer the charges leveled against them. The second type of judgment is one won after a battle between both sides where the defendant hires an attorney or in some cases appears without one Pro Se (for myself in Latin). Lamentably and too often your court order to get paid turns into a decaying dusty piece of paper, also known as 'dead wood' in our trade. Now the difference between worthless paperwork and cash in your bank is our in depth asset investigation to locate hidden brokerage accounts, bank accounts, real property, etc. LOCATING BANK ACCOUNTS AND HIDDEN ASSETS: In the event legal action is inevitable, once a judgment is granted by the court the key is finding money or assets to attach legally. offers national and worldwide searches for bank accounts, brokerage accounts, hard assets, place of employment locate and verification and more. National asset searches are billable on a no hit no fee basis. International financial asset investigations require up-front costs as the fees each country charges for access to their records can go as high as $37,000 in some countries. SEND and RECEIVE FUNDS via Intuit PaymentNetwork  
  • Creative 'counselor' collection method™
  • In person collection visits to obligors
  • Face to face meetings get results
  • We peel away objections one by one
  • Commercial B2B collection agency
  • Business related debts only
  • Large balance B2B - commercial - collections
  • Post judgment asset discovery
  • Tried and tested creative methods
  • Credit Resolution gets you paid
  • No collection no fee
  • Legal action is only a last resort
  • We are not lawyer referral agents
  • Pioneered collection of law firm billings
  • Our focus is to increase your revenue
  • CR reduces billing days outstanding (DSO)
  • CR minimizes bad debt write-offs
  • Accounts Receivable consultants
  • Consultants to creditors
  • Credit policy consulting services
  • No collection no fee
  • Established in 1986

Clients feel that giving Credit Resolution the opportunity to compete head-to-head with any other collection agency increased their bottome line; clients felt our tactics are different because we do not cream files to find the easy ones.

Clients found we increase "netback" (the total dollar netted by the creditor as a percentage of total dollars placed for collection regardless of rate) by at least fifty per cent to one hundred per cent.

This is despite rates of from thirty three per cent to twenty per cent, against the other companies' rates of as low as fifteen per cent.

In terms of the claimant's true realization, rates are irrelevant.

The "netback" (the actual dollars received) is the bottom line. Our Collection Agency exists to increase your bottom line while enforcing your rights.

Credit Resolution Collections LLC now offers collection agency services to all creditors.

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  • See the FORBES article illustrating the danger and potential losses you are likely to suffer when you wait to turn matters over for collection. The graph here indicates that the longer you wait... the less likely it is that you will ever get paid.

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